Our company “Miel y Solo Miel S.L.” (Naturmel) is specialized in the sale of top quality honey. We provide a wide selection of the best honeys harvested by beekeepers in the best lands in the world. And at the best price because is direct, no intermediary.

In addition, we offer a complete service of advice to our customers, helping with the right election according to your needs. Personal control of each order to asure buying and shipping reach your expectations.



The same quality that has made famous our brand “La Alquería de la Sierra” and which is so popular in Andalusian homes, it´s packaged in bulk for wholesale and export. Same pollen content, moisture leves and organoleptic values ​​that guarantee the unique and characteristic flavor of our exceptional honey.


Our brand “La Alqueria De La Sierra” is a reference of quality in the province and since years in Belgium, England and France.

The only process we do in Naturmel (Miel y Solo S.L.), is to filter the honey to eliminate impurities and homogenize volumes.

100% Pure natural honey directly from the hive.

First we analyze each exploitation and then each batch we extract to ensure that it is free of undesirable traces, once the purity is guaranteed, we pack or prepare your order.

Our close deal and commitment to the loyals beekeeper, has helped us differentiate ourselves from the rest.