Propolis tincture with eucalyptus essence 30 ml

Propolis tincture with essence of eucalyptus La Alquería de la Sierra. Made from propolis mother tincture. Highly effective natural remedy for health. Excellent antibiotic, bactericide, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing and anesthetic that favors the proper functioning of the immune system and increases global resistance to infections. Origin: 100% Spanish

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Propolis is a beekeeping product that bees collect from the secretions and resins that cover the buds of different plant species to disinfect the hive and collected by beekeepers since ancient times for its proven effectiveness in multiple conditions.

100% bee propolis, propylene glycol with eucalyptus food aroma.
May contain pollens naturally present in the environment, and potentially allergens.
Indicated for anyone from 3 years of age except allergic.
Store in a cool, dry place.

How is Propolis Tincture used?
Shake before using. Take orally 10 to 20 drops a day, directly or dissolved in water.
For superficial wounds, abrasions or small cuts, apply a few drops to the wound with the help of gauze several times a day.

Presentation: 30 ml in dropper with pipette.

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