Eucalyptus Honey APICOLA PIEDRA SOLANA 2000 gr.

Eucalyptus honey has been used for centuries as a very useful natural expectorant to relieve nasal congestion and excess mucus.  Antitussive. Powerful natural energizer ideal to raise energy levels naturally and therefore also reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Urinary tract antiseptic. Balsamic effects and for worming (anthelmintic).
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It has an exquisite sweet-woody flavor, with slight acid notes of amber color, clear with characteristic greenish tones . Its arome is long-lastong and intense, with balsamic notes of wood and vanilla, probably the most persistent of all honeys. It has a medium tendency to crystallize, forming fine crystals.  
Pairing: It is ideal for preparing both hot and cold drinks, to accompany curds, yoghurts, game dishes, legume salads and reduced sauces. Es ideal para preparar bebidas tanto frías como calientes, para acompañar cuajadas, yogures, platos de caza mayor, ensaladas de legumbres y salsas reducidas.
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